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STABILOY-ACWU90 is a highly flexible interlocked aluminum alloy armored, PVC sheathed 90℃ XPLE water-resistant multi-core insulation cable, which is environmental friendly.

STABILOY-ACWU90 cable is suitable for direct burial and corrosive environment. The complexity and labor cost involved in installation of conductors in raceways is reduced.?

The cables are assembled in the plant with highly flexible interlocked armored aluminum. Raceways or other accessories as well as labor-intensive processes such as wire pulling, fastening and raceway installation are not required.

STABILOY-ACWU90 is applicable to dry and wet environment for exposed or unexposed laying. It is also suitable for class 1 risky environment in Zone 1 and 2 as well as risky environment of class 2 and 3. Its excellent sheath performance guarantees the feature of water-resistance and what is more impressive, it provides excellent UV resistant and is capable to remain normal operation even in temperature as low as -40℃.

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