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Six of my eight blogs are book-related.

The number of page views of each blog post as of April 15, 2017 are listed after the titles.


Nov 2017  
Tom and Jerry:  Friends and Aiders

Oct 2017  Before the News Went Fake:  A Tour of Books About the Press

Sep 2017  Passages From Lambians in My Library, Large and Small

Aug 2017  Bathrooms, Outhouses, and Bodily Functions

Jul 2017  A Conglomeration of Cookbooks Collected by a Man Who Doesn't Cook

Jun 2017  Adrian H. Joline:  Author, Autograph Collector, and Dofob

May 2017  Augustine Birrell:  That Charming and Graceful Writer...

Apr 2017  Leigh Hunt & Two Leigh Hunt Collectors: Joseph T. Fields & Luther A. Brewer

Mar 2017  About Elliot Stock, Henry B. Wheatley, and The Book Lover's Library Series  214

Feb 2017:

 The Sentimental Airman  204

Jan 2017  A Virtual Tour of My Austin Dobson Collection  337

Dec 2016  Peter Motteux:  Number Five of the Twelve Blog Posts for Christmas  209

Nov 2016  A Bookman, A Bookplate, and a Whole Lotta Style  274

Oct 2016  The Bookstores of Copenhagen  280

Sep 2016  Other People's Books, Dead People's Books, and Boswell's Books  450

Aug 2016  Some Snippets of Wise Old Words Gathered in the Gutter...  295

Jul 2016:  121 Words or More About the Library Of An American Lexicographer  545

Jun 2016:  Some Things Gotten In Denmark  453

May 2016:  A Brass-Bound, Valve-In-Head Research Project:  The Story of the Publication of the Percy Letters  355

April 2016:  The Literary Studies of Norah Diana Maude  207

Mar 2016:  

The Story of Spence's Anecdotes 518

Feb 2016:  A Letter From an Illustrious Shakespearean Scholar To a Modern Autograph Collector 248

Jan 2016:  A Look Back At My Old WebTV Websites: Nov 1999 - Jan 2007  280

Dec 2015:  Miniature Books: Number Four of the Twelve Blog Posts For Christmas 295

Nov 2015:  John T. Winterich: the Man, His Books, And His Other Literary Endeavors  494

Oct 2015:  A Trip to New York: By Way of My Books  376

Sep 2015:  Some Worcester Sources and Other Discourses Concerning the Dictionary Wars  448

Aug 2015:  Appendiculæ Historicæ; Or, Shreds of History About a Book and Its Owners  407

Jul 2015:  Printers, Printmakers, and Other Bookmakers in My Library  589

Jun 2015:  The Book-Buying Binge of a Booklover  576

May 2015:  ...Knocked My Sox Off...  297

Apr 2015:  Bouba, Zaza, and the ILAB Pop Up Book Fairs: April 23, 2015  385

Apr 2015:  Whose Hands Were On This Book?  527

Mar 2015:  

About Samuel Johnson's Undergraduate Library  628

Feb 2015:  A Gathering Of Other People's Collected Letters 573

Jan 2015:  Tidbits From My Books About American Book Publishers  283

Dec 2014:  The Displaced Book Collector And More  332

Dec 2014:  Grangerisers: Number Three of the Twelve Blog Posts For Christmas  270

Nov 2014:  The Early Editions of the Elements of Style  898

Oct 2014:  My Sentimental Library Blog: The First Five Years  595

Oct 2014:  The Second Beginning of the Chief End of Book Madness  427

Sep 2014:  The Last Book Sale Care Package  498

Aug 2014:  The Monk, the Bookseller, and the Manuscript:  Tracking Lydgate's Boke of 
                  the Sege of Troy Through Bernard Quaritch's Catalogues  1136

Jul 2014:  In Memoriam:  Jamie Ryan DeJaynes  797

Jun 2014:  My Books About the English Book Trade  697

May 2014:  

A Virtual Tour of My Collection of Essays  708

Apr 2014:  A Virtual Tour of My Poetry Collection  1052

Mar 2014:  A Student of Catalogues  625

Feb 2014:  The Reference Library of a Bibliomaniac  1278

Jan 2014:  A Census of Ladies in My Library  1057

Dec 2013:  Twelve Blogs for Christmas:  Contributions to Biblionotes:  Chapbooks  388

Nov 2013:  Andrew Lang and the Property of a Gentleman Who Has Given Up Collecting  783

Oct 2013:  A Splendid History of Ownership  1281

Sep 2013:  The Collector and the Collected:  Two Typophiles From New York  458

Aug 2013:  Elegant Extracts About Books, Booklovers, And Libraries  629

Jul 2013:  

My Books About Libraries  1406

Jun 2013:  Cataloguing and Recataloguing the Boswell Library  830

May 2013:  His Dictionary?  1055

Apr 2013:  The Vanishing Breed:  A History of Bookbinding Compiled by Don Brady  1051

Mar 2013:  From G's Hand  716


Jan 2013:  Memories of Things Experienced and Things Missed  971

Dec 2012:  Twelve Blogs For Christmas:  Contributions to Biblionotes:  Ex-Libris  789

Nov 2012:  Mostly Letters About Bookplates  824

Oct 2012:  Books on Language:  Part the Last  243

Sep 2012:  Eloquent Words Written and Spoken  1525

Aug 2012:  Grammars, Spellers, and Writing Guides  955

Jul 2012:  My Philology Collection:  Dictionaries  1026

Jun 2012:

A Virtual Tour of My Mary Hyde Collection  2922

May 2012:  My Sentimental Library Collection:  Association Copies  619

Apr 2012:  Around the Dining Room Table:  A View of My Shakespeare Collection  517

Mar 2012:  On Or About Moi's Books About Books  698

Feb 2012:  My Samuel Johnson Collection:  Odd Volumes, Association Copies, And                        
                  Other Interesting Items  520

Jan 2012:  The Words of the Wise:  My Periodical Collection  546

Dec 2011:  Biblio Researching, Biblio-Connecting, and Biblio Reviewing  118

Nov 2011:  J. O. Halliwell-Phillipps, Bibliophile  805

Oct 2011:  In And About Foley  422

Sep 2011:  My Autograph Letter Collection  3191

Aug 2011:  Grand Moments  753

Jul 2011:  Blog Posts From Two of My Other Blogs  144

Jun 2011:  

Ten Books From Texas and Two Reminiscences  1405

May 2011:  My Many Lives of Samuel Johnson  1887

Apr 2011:  My William Targ Collection  785

Mar 2011:  Two Hurt Books And Their Former Owners  875

Feb 2011:  Changing Bookplates:  Multiple Bookplates of Famous People  3062

Jan 2011:  Arthur Schlesinger's Bookplate:  The Whole Picture  1292

Jan 2011:  Always Be On Time  403

Jan 2010:  A Cornerstone in American History  182

Oct 2009:  Snapshots of Mary Hyde 171

Oct 2009:  An Unexpected Find in Umatilla, Florida  761


Welcome to Biblio-Connecting:   Dec 2017

Biblio-Connecting, July 5, 2011 to the Present   5197
All monthly biblio-connecting blog posts are added to this blog post


Sep 2017  Researching the Provenance of the Autograph Manuscript of Dream Children; A Reverie

Jan 2017  Notes And Queries Regarding the Authorship of O FOR A BOOKE  274

Sep 2015:  A Preliminary Examination of a Pamphlet Containing Two Reviews of Worcester's Edition of Johnson's Dictionary  168

Jun 2014:  

Some Auspicious Biblio-Sleuthing  703

Dec 2013:  About Bibliomites, Biblionotes, and Walter "Wally" Harris  842

Oct 2013:  Is America Lost in the Funhouse?  269

May 2013:  

A Well-Lobbied Government: How the NRA Won the Battle Over the Second Amendment  634

Feb 2013:  The Boswell Copy of Piozzi's Anecdotes of Dr. Johnson?  308

Oct 2012:  Researching Serving You... And Its Catalog Records  758

Sep 2012:  About That Engraving By William Kneass...  659

May 2012:  Biblio Researching 101  307

Dec 2011:  Researching the Value of Outlines of the Life of Shakespeare  1362

Jul 2011:  Corrections to the 1810 Catalogue of Greek & Latin Classics in the Auchinleck Library  805

Jul 2011:  A Statius Check  1170

Apr 2010:  Stylized And the Forgotten Edition of Strunk's Elements of Style  587

Sep 2009:  A Correction to the Copyright and Bibliographic Records of The Elements of Style  575

May 2009:  William Strunk's Other Books in My Library  1308

May 2009:  

My Elements of Style Collection  1924

Sep 2008:  Charles Lamb's Library on Library Thing  112

Feb 2008:  Update on Letters Found in Books  86

Oct 2007:  Letters Found in Books  126

Oct 2007:  Researching a George Birkbeck Hill ALS  748


Feb 2017  The Idiosyncrasies of a C. S. Forester Collector  258

Oct 2016     An Anecdote About Bob Fleck: Bookman to the End  1271

Apr 2013:  

From Whence They Came: Don Brady and His Miniature Books  1768

Aug 2009:  Kings of Persia  1128

Apr 2009:  Birrell, Starrett, Morley, But Who is O.M.?  1174

Mar 2009:  Cataloging Dead People's Books; Namely the Libraries of Samuel Johnson, James Boswell and Charles Lamb  2172

Nov 2008:  William Targ, Bibliophile  1651

Nov 2008:  

Mary Hyde and the Unending Pursuit  4150


Oct 2017  George & Lizzie:  A Novel by Nancy Pearl

Sep 2017  The Reckless Gamble in Our Electoral System

Jun 2017 Tales from the Dodger Dugout by Carl Erskine

Jun 2017  The Card Catalog;  Books, Cards, and Literary Treasures by the Library of Congress

Jun 2017  What Happened to Me:  My Life with Books, Research Libraries, and Performing Arts by David H. Stam

Feb 2017:  Hubert's Freaks by Gregory Gibson  332

Nov 2016  War Virgin:  My Journey of Repression, Temptation and Liberation by Laura Westley  142

Oct 2016  Boswell's Books by Terry Seymour and Commented upon by Jerry Morris  245

Aug 2016  The Toad by Elise Gravel  123

Jul 2016  A Scout's Report: My 70 Years in Baseball by George Genovese  176

Jul 2016:  Gone Boy: A Walkabout. A Father's Search for the Truth in His Son's Murder by Gregory Gibson  208

Jun 2016:  The Seven: The Lives of the Founding Fathers of the Irish Republic by Ruth Dudley Edwards  119

Apr 2016:  Lawrence C. Wroth's Notes For Bibliophiles by Richard J. Ring  155

Apr 2016:  My Friend Paul Ruxin  519

Feb 2016:  A Slideshow of a Bibliomaniac's Library  246

Jan 2016:  

Rare Books Uncovered:  True Stories of Fantastic Finds in Unlikely Places by Rebecca Rego Barry  1048

Dec 2015:  Separate Fountains by Patti Wilson Byars  312

Sep 2015:  Blue Blood by Edward Conlon  238

Sep 2015:  One Righteous Man:  Sam Battle and the Shattering of the Color Line in New York City by Arthur Browne  210

Sep 2015:  The Groaning Shelf and Other Instances of Book Love by Pradeep Sebastian  359

Mar 2015:  Whistle Stop:  How 31,000 Miles of Train Travel, 352 Speeches, and a Little Midwest Gumption Saved the Presidency of Harry Truman by Philip White  318

Dec 2014:  The Court-Martial of Paul Revere by Michael M. Greenburg  292

Sep 2014:  Johnny Evers:  A Baseball Life by Dennis Snelling  345

Aug 2014:  

A Second Book of Booksellers:  Conversations With the Antiquarian Book Trade by Sheila Markham  568

Jul 2014:  Are Libraries Obsolete?  An Argument for Relevance in the Digital Age by Mark Y. Herring  276

Aug 2013:  A Most Heavenly Review?  355

Jun 2013:  A Former Owner's Review of the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning  595

Mar 2013:  LIBRARY FOR SALE  292

Feb 2013:  On Finding New Owners For My Old Books 270

Feb 2013:  On Selecting a Bookplate For My Library  2022

Jan 2013:  Jerry Morris:  the Never-Ending Story  635

Dec 2012:  MoiBlogomaniac?  307

Dec 2012:  Contemplations of MoiBibliomaniac  362


Oct 2007:  The Displaced Book Collector Has Been Replaced!  258

Aug 2007:  Bookplate Literature  263

Jul 2007:  Moi the Bookplate Collector?  331

Jun 2007:  Once A Book Collector  266

Jun 2007:  My Library: A View From the Crib  303

Jun 2007:  Among the Leaves, Fruit  354

Jun 2007:  A Shelf In My Bookcase  332

May 2007:  To Displace: To Take The Place Of  161


Dec 2014:  On Flying Home for Christmas: An American Airlines Misadventure  94

Jan 2012:  The Night I Beat Up Johnny Polovoy  159

Aug 2011:  Loves Me, Loves Me Not  201

Nov 2009:  On Thanksgiving Day  1296

Nov 2009:  ...But Not Forgotten  297

Sep 2007:  

Old Stoneface: Memories of New York  271

Jul 2007:  Peeping Toms  90

Jul 2007:  Stage Fright  54

Jul 2007:  My Old House: It Is Still Standing  62

Jul 2007:  

The Old Neighborhood 562


Nov 10, 2017  Revisiting the Interpretation of the Second Amendment

Oct 18, 2017   The Sad Truth About Your President

Sep 30, 2017:  The Reckless Gamble in Our Electoral System

Aug 16, 2017  Charlottesville:  Two Sides to a Story

Aug 1, 2017  Some Not-So-Great News Clippings From Down Under

Jul 21, 2017  Lady Justice Smiling Down

Jul 17, 2017  Seeing Red, Feeling Blue, and Turning Purple

Mar 17, 2017  A Close Look at Our Old U.S. Refugee Admissions Program  36

Mar 10, 2017  The Unaffordable American Health Care Act  45

Feb 16, 2017  Do You Really Think Flynn Discussed Sanctions with Russia on His Own?  27

Feb 6, 2016  It's Time We Stopped Calling Donald Trump a Christian  17

Feb 4, 2017  Trump's Actions are Despicable in any Language  27

Jan 30 2017  The Only Wall America Needs  31

Jan 21, 2017:  The Misogynist  31

Jan 2017:  A Presidential Thank You  44

Jan 2017  How the Affordable Care Act Really Became Unaffordable  45

Dec 2016  Cursory Remarks on the Current State of the Union  57

Dec 2016  Hillary Clinton's Biggest Mistake  64

Nov 10  Why Was Donald Trump So Popular?  42

Nov 9th,  The Sound of Broken Glass  38

Nov 2016  The Biggest Scandal Since Watergate  40

Oct 2016  The Biggest October Surprise of All  37

Oct 2016  Nothing New!  Vote Blue!  21

Oct 2016  A Face-in-the-Crowd Moment, or Trump Opened Big Yap Once Too Often  50

Oct 2016  Stronger Together v No Longer Together  36

Oct 2016 Donald Trump:  Last Misogynist Standing  27

Oct 2016  Donald Trump  36

Oct 2016   If I Were a Republican...  44

Sep 2016    Zika And Our Stagnant Congress  22

Sep 2016   Questions Raised About The Health And Stamina Of Our Presidential Candidates  18

Sep 2016   America And Its Moral Compass  67

Sep 2016  

How Citizens United Will Help Make America Great Again  40

Aug 2916   Crooked Hillary, The Clinton Foundation, And the Most Corrupt Enterprise in Political History  31

Aug 2016:  BIG SMEAR Is Coming  34

Aug 2016:   13 Benghazis, Prejudice, and Logic  37

Aug 2016: All In?  27

Aug 2016:  What Donald Trump Says That He Doesn't Know  33

Aug 2016:  About Cursory Remarks  113